October 19, 2013
One Ocean, One Chance, One Day to Turn the Tide

Organize an Event at a Beach Near You

Would you like to organize a FUKUSHIMA IS HERE event at a beach or other location near you?

We'd like this to be a global event in as many locations as possible. The contamination from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is spreading across the global. Whereever you are, FUKUSHIMA IS HERE.

Please contact us at contact@fukushimaishere.info to get set up as an organizer.

You will be responsible to getting a team of people to make your event happen. Below are some things to consider.

We can create a page for you on this site with information about your event, links to your poster and event flyer, and contact information.

Things potential organizers should consider:

The first three recommendation are the same:
-- Keep it as simple as possible. Less can go wrong.
-- Keep it as simple as possible. Less can go wrong.
-- Keep it as simple as possible. Less can go wrong.

Choosing a Site
-- Scenic? Powerful? Does it represent your area? Would someone who has never visited your area relate to an aerial photo of the site?
-- Adequate parking and/or public transportation?
-- Toilet facitilites?
-- Food available? (not required - event very short - a San Francisco event was completed in less than an hour.)
-- Does the site require a permit? (It is MUCH preferable to not need one, but some of the most powerful and accessible sites require them)
-- Does obtaining a permit hinge on obtaining insurance? (Insurance can be a major hassle and adds $400-$500 to the cost)
-- Sand? Grass? Snow?
-- Flat? (in some cases, a slope might work)

-- How can a photograph be obtained?
-- Helicopters (optimal) cost around $600/hr.
-- Small airplane (cheaper, but less maneuverable).
-- Tall building nearby? 200 feet? higher?
-- Construction crane?
-- Balloon?

Close up of lettering

-- 1,000 people or more is optimal. Approximately 940 needed to fill lettering for "IMPEACH!"
-- You can use sign boards of letter and bodies lying down for smaller scaled events.
-- Need to have an online organizing tool to communicate with and manage volunteers.
-- You'll want and probably need a core of approximately 20 volunteers to help pull this off.

Outlining lettering of "FUKUSHIMA IS HERE"
-- It's simplest in sand.
-- Work out the letter on graph paper until it looks right.
-- Letters can be 100 feet tall, made up of lines that are 10 feet wide. If you have fewer people 50 feet tall letters and 5 feet wide lines can work too.
-- Use tape measure, your mallet, your step ladder (so you can stand up and look at your curve lettering and see how they're looking), and your many dozens of wooden stakes. Start pounding stakes, and then stretch a rope from stake to stake. Have someone drag their heel in the sand alongside the rope and you've got the outline of your lines.
-- Using blankets and tarps, people can sit or lie down in a linear party.

-- Media coverage is essential.
-- In major markets, if a crowd is guaranteed (if somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 people have registered to participate), TV stations may well put up their own helicopters. Nonetheless, you're going to want to obtain your own professional still photos of the event. They make great postcards, and people who were at the San Francisco event love to point to the photos and say, "I was in the crossbar of the 'H'…" Or: "I was in the exclamation mark…" Or: "I was at the tip of the 'A'…" Also, postcards continue to spread the message.

-- The event CAN be pulled off for nearly nothing, or it might cost $1,500 -$2,000, depending on circumstances. If collection jars are passed, it comes to only $2 or less per person. In any case, someone needs to be responsible for fronting and also collecting money. The event is NOT ABOUT money, and it's probably a good idea to identify a worthy cause in case there is an excess of donations.

-- If you pull this off, you and your country and our world will never be the same again.